1. Maugie Lyons has a strong background in unique venue management and has a passion for sustainability in all areas of business.

      Managing heritage venues such as the Art Deco Lawrence Hall and the 1914 Lindley Hall for the RHS she has been involved at all stages of business and building redevelopment. Of particular pride is the initiative of a plastic free zero carbon café at The Glasshouse Wisley. Participating in the Lottery Fund application for redevelopment of the Lindley hall generated intense interest from the membership and led to a unique membership drive to raise funds. Delivering practical sustainability plans with respect for the organisation and community has led to an involved leadership role at The Lensbury where sustainability and diversity is at the core of the business model.  Feasibility studies and CSR plans always embrace inclusion and diversity.

      Maugie also  has extensive experience of preparing launch plans, developing marketing and brand strategy, enabling teams to convert and deliver event sales. Feasibility studies, competitor analysis social and online analysis, consumer data and booking system reporting, form part of the delivery and consultancy process. Events, event venues and sustainability are her passions.